Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weeks 36 & 37

Well little E, you are quite the mover and the shaker lately. You constantly are moving around and placing your knees in my ribs. Not only do I feel you so much, I can see you. You're almost like a real baby! Wait, I mean, I know you're a real baby, but it just feels even more real that I'm you mom, and you're my child.

My 36th week has been pretty good. There are no signs of labor yet, but little girl, I am so ready for you to be here. We met with our other midwife this week, and thank goodness we love her too. It's hard when you bring in someone new to something that's very personal. I haven't had many contractions this week, which I'm kind of thankful for because week 37 we had lots of things to do to prepare for you.

Week 37 - Full term baby! This has been a hectic week. For one we watched my sister kids and they stayed the night. Unfortunately, we didn't know that it meant hardly any sleep and constantly carrying around a 2.5 year old. Needless to say M and I were so exhausted the next day, but it was our baby shower and we had to make the two hour drive to my hometown. Luckily we got there early enough for an hour nap right before the shower.

As I walked in, I got the best surprise in the entire world. My grandparents drove back from Florida and surprised me to be at my shower. I cried so much out of happiness and it was truly the best gift I could have ever received. Now they will definitely be here when E is born.

Last night we decided at last minute to take the evening to get all of the rest of E's things that we needed. We took our trip to Target and Buy Buy Baby. Of course I love target, but Buy Buy Baby is like an organized momma to be's heaven. I like it better than Babies r Us, because you can find everything, and it's a lot cleaner in my opinion. We literally got everything this little girl needs and then some.

Still no sign of our little E yet, but that's o.k. by us, we are ready for her, but we are quite alright if she decides to wait till her due date.

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