Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weeks 33, 34, & 35

Oy vay, am I behind so I'll just jump right into it.

Weeks 33 and 34 were great. I actually started feeling much better from the previous weeks and was able to have a lot of energy to get stuff done around the house.

Week 35 started on April 6th... and on April 7th I have my first round of regular contractions for about 2 hours straight. I always thought that I would be scared when I started having contractions, but I think I've researched enough and listened to my body enough, that it just felt... well... normal.

They were only 8-10 minutes a part so there was no need for concern. I can almost guarantee you though, if I would have been having this baby with an OB at a hospital, they would have made me come in, and induced me. My midwife told me not to worry until they about 6 minutes apart. Luckily they went away and I was able to sleep that night for a long Easter day.

We would really not like to have E at a hospital unless it's medically necessary. In about a week and a half (37 weeks) she can come whenever she wants and we can have a successful home birth.

I haven't had any fears of labor or delivery really. The thing I fear most is bringing baby E out in public and people touching her. I know this is a rational fear that a lot of other mothers have, especially first time moms. We are not starting her vaccinations until 3 months old and as her arrival moves closer and closer upon us, all the people I told who would be able to see her after she was born, I'm definitely starting to feel guilty that they will probably not see her until she's a little bigger and her immune system is a little stronger.

We have a home visit with our midwife tomorrow and it finally kicked my butt into gear about cleaning the bathrooms. They have never been so clean, and I'm super proud of myself.

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