Friday, January 4, 2013

Changing of the seasons.. of life.

Christmas and New Year's day have come and gone and I was struggling to find exactly what I wanted to write about. I'm undergoing so many changes!

First, I think that it's time I re-vamped this blog. It looks ok, but I think M is going to re do it so it doesn't look so busy.

Second, I'm so excited that we are going to be starting a small group within our church. M and I have really been praying about getting involved at church, meeting new people, and how we can be involved in a ministry. God answered our prayers and we were asked to lead a small group!

Third, Em is 7.5 months. I can't believe it. Every month I saw the same thing, but she's starting to shed her infant looks and developing her little girl features. She is obsessed with standing and pulling herself up with our hands.

I'm in love with this stage of my life. I'm in love with how much my daughter means to me. I'm in awe how much I love my husband and I am so grateful that this year is starting off going in such a positive direction.

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