Friday, July 26, 2013

HLC update.

I wrote about the HLC (healthy living challenge) that I'm a part of, but I haven't really held up my end of the deal, by writing how I'm doing here. I wanted to use this to help keep me accountable, and I know I've needed it.

This week has been a good week staying on track food wise and working out. One of our challenges this week was a salt detox. I didn't realize how much I really love salt until I stopped using so much of it. I must say I felt better and I was less bloated, but I did miss it!

So far I've lost a couple pounds and lost a few inches. But most of all, I'm conquering a big fear.

Not just running, but running OUTSIDE, in front of people. I was always nervous about how I would look running. Well leave it to good old M to really force me to do it. I was even brave enough to run by myself.

The best piece of advice was from M. "You know hunny if you want to start running, you just do it. Get your shoes on and run. You can read all you want about it and how to do it, but really that's time you could just spend running." He's so right. M being a runner himself knows best. I really just needed that extra push.

It isn't happening over night, but I'm noticing small improvements. I don't get tired as quickly as I used to which makes me feel great. I also noticed I don't stop as quickly. I still walk when I need a break, but I always run home to the door step.

I've been using the app Endomondo to help me keep track of how long I run and my distance.

All and all, I think I'm doing really well with this. I am feeling great about myself and the decisions I'm making to really put a dent in changing the way I live my life.

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