Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't mind if I whine a little

So M was offered a job a week ago and started a couple days ago. It's only been 2 days, but I'm ready for his retirement. Sounds crazy right?

From the time we met, we saw each other every day until this move to Texas. The longest we have been without each other is when he left to take stuff down and get out apartment in June. That was a really hard week, but I knew he was coming back and I'd get to see him all day again. He's worked from home every day. I'm used to him taking a break and coming up stairs, getting distracted and spending the rest of the day with us.

This is different. 2 days, and I'm already feeling a little low without him. I know, it's crazy talk. I have plenty to do and enough to keep me busy.

Women go days, months, and sometimes even years without seeing their husbands, so my measly 2 days seem pretty pitiful. Truthfully, if I was one of them reading this, I'd probably give a major eye roll.

Anyways, I'm feel mushy tonight as I watch the news waiting for M to get home and looking at pictures of us.

Aww what a couple a cuties we have here. Pre- Mr. & Mrs.

What a difference a little over 2 years has made!

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