Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've spent the last 2 months trying to reorganize our lives now that we are in the good old south. These last 2 months have literally flown by us and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down either.

M is working a lot, and I'm so thankful he found a job so quickly, but it's hard when you've spent every single day for almost 2 years with a person and now they aren't home as often. On the bright side, he has a job, and has had multiple offers for jobs.

I'm surprised at how quickly we acclimated here. We've learned quickly where to go and where not to go, what stores have the lowest prices for food, getting all your errands done in the morning, etc...

I've started running. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate when I start, but by the time I get home, I love how I feel. Getting back in shape this time around has been one of the hardest things I've had to do. Most people lose weight while breastfeeding, and we are still going strong at 15.5 months, but my body is the rare kind that likes to hold onto those extra fat cells to maintain a milk supply.

Speaking of E. She is still a toddler. I was hoping that magically I'd get my snuggly baby back, but (sigh) she is turning into a big girl. Time to go on a brag rampage.

 At 15 months old, she loves to keep busy. Her favorite toys right now are balls, stuffed animals, and books. She LOVES to line up her stuffed animals, feed her baby doll, make her animals kiss. As they kiss she makes a smacking sound, giggles, and says, "AWW!" It might be the cutest thing in the world, just saying.

E can now sign 4 basic signs. More, please, food, and thank you. Now she is starting to actually say the word and ditch the signing.  I giggle every time she signs and says, "Eeessssseee." or  "Mooooore". I get so excited and want to be like, "Yeah! I taught her that!" But you know, I don't want to be That Mom.

She is now doing a lot of animal noises. M got her this, The Noisy Book. She will read that thing from sun up to sun down. It has everything from animal noises to "A cold goes.. Achoo!" She can do probably a third of them.

We also put E in gymnastics class! She loves it. There are about 4 kids in her class. They have the entire gym to themselves. She has learned to jump on the trampoline and land on her tush. She jumps in the foam put and tries to crawl around. It's actually been a great activity for M to take her to spend some daddy/daughter time.


  1. We are so glad that you are adjusting to living in the south! E is so sweet and growing up fast! How adorable she looks in her pictures with her daddy! God bless you all! We miss you lots! Aunt Roberta & Uncle Al

  2. Brin has that exact pink outfit! So cute!