Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh so these are tantrums?

This whole, living with a toddler thing has it's ups and downs.

I mean, sure she's cute. She gives hugs, kisses, and loves to snuggle.

But she also throws tantrums. Epic, ear shattering tantrums.

I'm not exactly sure how finding a receipt warrants a tantrum, but it does.

So does, sticking a sticker to the floor, not having the right cup, when I give her raisins instead of Graham crackers..

The tantrums seem to never end.

Then there are days like today.

I'm sick, M is home and watched her 2/3 of the day for me, and she played by herself, I kid you not, for 2 hours, then came to me for her snuggles and kisses.

It's so easy to remember the tantrums, and what a hard day you've had. When that snuggly baby is in your arms, it makes everything all better.

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