Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I've got some big dreams for this house

18 months

It's getting more difficult to get her to stand still for pictures. I've noticed instead of a sitting smiling baby, I know have blurry pictures of a running toddler.

Every day I still fall more in love with her. Her kindness it is out of this world and she is incredibly bright. I'm constantly amazed at how much she knows. Every time she comes over to give me a hug and a kiss, my heart melts.

Being creative

Animal lover

The queen of snuggling

In regards to the house, I haven't needed to take any progress pictures because we have only been doing little things here and there. This week though comes the real demolition of the kitchen.

It was really disheartening to learn that we wouldn't be in the house for another few weeks because our simple kitchen remodel turned into an entire reconfiguration of the kitchen.
Here is the plan:

This pantry on the left is getting completely knocked out. The spot for the fridge is only big enough for an apartment size refrigerator, and after living with one for the last few months, it's hard to fit everything in it. Mike blames my big gallon jar of kombucha.  The fridge will go all the way to the left and we will and a cabinet and a counter top to the right. All our cabinets are going to be white and the walls are going to be gray. The counter top we are hoping to get is a mix of gray, black, and white.

The placing of the stove is going to move over slightly to the left to make room for a large tall cabinet that will serve as the pantry. That will go along the wall on the right where Mike is standing in from of in the picture.

See that ledge that's above the sink right there? That's getting cut off and it's going to be a solid counter top. It will extend three inches towards the dining room and we eventually want to add hanging lights. The draw back is that we have to redo some electrical work in order to make that work.

This is a better view of where the tall cabinet will go. In between the tall pantry cabinet and the stove, we will actually be able to fit a 12 inch cabinet and counter top.

I'm beyond excited for this kitchen. It's going to look so different from what it does now. I'm happy that we will end up adding more space than what we currently have.

Mike has surprised me with a few other things he's adding to the kitchen that I've always wanted that I plan to share when it goes in. I'm stoked to say the least. It's a long work in progress, but it's coming along.

With love,

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