Saturday, November 9, 2013


This last week and a half has been so busy for us. Emery has had a huge language explosion. She's saying lots of new words and phrases. She's also started mimicking us with what we say and do. We've actually had to start spelling things because she repeats so much!

M started a new job a couple weeks ago and has been working first shift. Every night after work though he is at the new house taking everything apart.

This is his progress so far on day 10:

This is the living room/dining room. Tile in the front and baseboards are removed. The end result will be laminate wood floors with grays walls and white baseboards. It will be an added bonus if we can get crown molding. We are also replacing both doors in the pictures.

Ah. The kitchen. This was a mess to begin with. Mike had been scraping laminate and glue for 2 days. End result will hopefully be while cabinets with black appliances. Laminate (granite looking) countertops, back splash, with laminate tile floorings. The laundry closet to the right will have new doors and shelves. I'm really looking forward to organizing everything. I have a ton of stuff planned on Pinterest!

Left is the master bedroom, main bathroom, and far right is part of the kitchen. The master bedroom won't have a toilet in it, I promise ;)

It's going very slowly, but I see the pictures and can tell we are making progress. It gets worse before it gets better, right? M has been doing an amazing job getting everything done by himself. We've had some plumbing issues we were able to figure out on our own which saved us a ton of money that can go elsewhere into the house.

Emery is adorable as ever.

Helping me make dinner.

Driving her car

Loving the park

Finding new and interesting way to help around the house

With love,


  1. Wow! Great progress! Thank goodness your husband is so handy and can do these renovations! Emery is a little doll...she is a mini Jill! Good luck! We are so happy and excited for you! Hugs!

  2. You're right! It does get worse before it gets better. And when it gets better it will feel so awesome!