Monday, February 10, 2014

We're In!

I'm currently writing from out new living room (a little under the weather I might add.), and I'm so excited that I am, even though I'm not feeling the greatest.

What a crazy time we have had. Our house is nowhere finished yet, but the best part is that we are able to live in it right now.

Currently, we are still living out of boxes and things are all over the place as we try to find homes for belongings.

I have to say, this move went way better than I could have possibly imagined.

I was so thankful to have a friend offer to watch E for us so Mike and I could get as much done as we could during the day. Although we had several other friends offer to help us move, we were surprised that we managed to do almost everything by ourselves without any trouble!

Yours truly even helped lift a couch. Really, I did.

It's been nice to have Mike working on the house while we are all here versus him being gone every day and night after work. It has been great just to spend family time together again.

E is stringing words along and picking up new things every day. She is enjoying the house as well.

She has even loved all of the trips to Lowes we have taken and keeps a smile on her face.
This was the day before we moved in

I would show pictures of how it looks now, but I'm slightly embarrassed by all of the junk everywhere, so everyone will have to wait for that.

I promise though, once we can get everything put away, I'll be posting what we did and all of our fun tricks that we've done to stay organized and sane in our small space.

with love,

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