Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving along: 20 weeks

Baby and I are just about over the half way mark for this pregnancy. I didn't realize how fast this was going to fly by. December seems so far away yet so close. This last week we were able to find out the baby #2 is a boy. I was in shock because I was feeling girl most of the pregnancy and always pictured myself being the mother of all girls. As soon as we saw him on the ultrasound I knew it was a boy! We still do not have a name picked out yet, because we can't really agree on one, although we have some front runners. No sharing yet!

I've felt pretty good still. No complaints really. I'm just so happy this pregnancy is nothing like Em's. She drained everything from me.

I'm definitely showing a lot more this time more than Em too. It's a blessing and a curse, because all the clothes I wore in the beginning of last time don't fit anymore for this time!

Left: 21 weeks with Em Right: 20 weeks with Baby boy

Now we are getting ready for our visit with my parents next week. Em has already picked out everything they are going to do together from going to the "Dinosaur park to playing Frozen."

Em is talking like crazy these days. I can't believe what she even says sometimes. Emeryisms are my new favorite thing ever. "Mommy, you're such a big girl!" Every time I do something that she deems a big deal.

We took her to the Frontier park Airplane Museum a couple weeks ago, and she had a blast. They were celebrating the landing on the moon, so there were lots of fun and different things to do, including a little airplane kids could play in.

Then we took a trip to Kylde Warren Park, which is by far the nicest city park I have ever been to. Chicago really needs something like this. It's not like Millennium Park at all. It's very family friendly with a dog park, kids park, games you can play for free, a couple splash pads, and food trucks.

Obviously you have to stop when you see a train.

She also is getting really excited when we get stuff out for the baby, like her old car seat.

And one last picture because having Mike in the kitchen, cooking is a rarity. This man helped make bread sticks from scratch! I had to take a picture because this never happens ;-)

With love,

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