Thursday, March 22, 2012

To my husband:

A year ago, I had no expectations from a date I was going to go on. I really just thought, "Hey, I might as well, what's there to lose?" I worked that morning, an early shift. I told some women at my work that I had a date with a man I that I had met online. Of course a few of them were scared for me, because you could have been an ax murderer. Others, were excited for me. I, was just plain nervous.
I remember being worried about you picking me up at my house, just in case you know, you were and ax murderer. I just took a deep breath and decided if I had met you at a bar, you could have been just as bad of a creep. I went through my closet, which I'm sure you can probably guess all my clothes ended up on the floor, and I found the right outfit to wear that would of course match my walking boot. I was done getting ready and I was almost pacing nervously waiting for you to pick me up. Finally, I saw you come to the door and the only thing I could concentrate on was not tripping over all the toys from our nephews in the foyer.
We were in the car talking and found out little things we had in common, but I wasn't sold yet. As the night continued on our conversations grew longer and deeper. Before we knew it, we had been at the restaurant for 2 hours and hadn't even looked at our menus. I knew there was something special about you, but I stay guarded. 4 hours later, we decided to continue our date. We went to your place, and I'm thinking whoa I might I actually like this guy. I was really excited to continue to get to know and talk to you, until I found out that you lived on the 3rd floor and I had to walk up 3 flights of stairs in a walking cast. I remember you just walked as slow as I did.
We spent the next two hours talking and laughing. We shared stories and talked about what was most important to us. I remember listening to your 80's ballads and sitting there quietly when you just felt the need to pray over us as a couple. I was shocked, but not worried. I thought, "Wow, this is a man." You prayed that God would lead the way for us in whatever he thought was best. You prayed that if this was meant to be something more that God would bless it. You prayed for me and my heart.
I walked (hobbled) away that night with a smile on my face. When I got home, I was so happy that our date went well, but knew I wouldn't see you at least for 10 more days because I was leaving on a trip. I prayed that night that God would lead me in the right direction. "If this is the man I'm supposed to marry, give me an incredible amount of love for him that I've never had before."
So here we sit on our couch 365 days, well 366, because it was a leap year this year and I am more in love with you that I ever have been. God did give me that love for you. God gave me you, and gave me to you and I'm so thankful. A year ago from today was much different. Tonight we are lounging in pj's, while I complain of 3rd trimester woes. The T.V. is on to a news program and we both sit on our computers. But there are some things that haven't changed. You still look over at my and give me a smile, and my heart still melts every time you do.

I love you M.


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