Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 32

As my blood pressure is beginning to rise (in a good way) I'm actually feeling better. I'm less dizzy and I'm trying to be more active. It does help that the sun is shining and it's unseasonably warm, so being outside is a lot easier and all the vitamin D helps as well. I find that I'm still fatigued really easily, but most pregnant women around this time have the same issue.

I do have some aches and pains but I believe that the chiropractor is helping and so do backrubs from my wonderful husband.

Speaking of my husband, how is he doing with all this?
He's actually been fantastic. I could not imagine doing this all by myself. Although there are days where I want to sell him for something as little as a paper clip, I'm very fortunate to have him. Mike is very excited to meet our little girl. He tells me all the time how he can't wait to practice "tummy time" with her. He was really excited about this idea after reading the book  "Show Dad How".

My husband is a man who just gets what he wants, when he wants it. Buying a gift for him is like searching for that missing sock that's mysteriously disappeared in the dryer. You keep looking and looking for that sock and it's very annoying. Finally, 3 weeks later you stumble upon the great and wonderful sock that you have been searching for! This book was my sock! I looked for something to get him for Valentine's Day, and found this gem. The book explains everything and anything from pre-conception to taking care of your new born. It was made by  men for men and kept my husband very interested, because you know, every man should know how to deliver a baby on a subway, right?

Mike tells me he feels mentally prepared to be a dad, and I can see it in his face when he feels her in my belly. He loves E so much already, it makes me wonder what his reactions will be when he finally sees her. Will he cry? Will I see constant smiling from him? Only time will tell. Right now I'm just enjoying seeing his reactions when she gives him a hard jab from poking my belly.

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