Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rashes, crazy pants doctors, and my love for food.

About a week ago, we found rashes on E's back. I mean they were nickle and dime size rashes and I was freaking out. I immediately call my sister, mother, and grandmother to help reassure me that she is okay.

I decide to google her symptoms, something I shouldn't do ever. "Dr. Google" is the worst doctor in the world. He doesn't know anything, instead he just spits out random forum posts about babies with bacterial infections when you search "patchy red spots on infant back." Never again Google, we are over.

Then the heavens opened up and I remembered askdrsears.com , and let me tell you. I love Dr. Sears. His website is so descriptive and very easy to follow. All of this was leading excema according to his website. Excema can either be dry skin or an allergy. So, off to the doctor we went.

Now, I LOVE our pediatrician, but he is cutting back his hours and some other doctor was there that day. So I questioned, "Do I wait or try and see if this guy knows what he's talking about?" I bit the bullet and went because I wanted answers.

"You need to cut everything out of your diet except meat and vegetables." he said.

"Everything? You mean everything?" I replied.

"Yes, grains, sugars. Everything."

"Okay crazy pants." I thought in my head, because out loud would be totally rude.

I laid her on the table so he could take a listen to her lungs when she cried. We all know that my daughter loves to be held by only me and will go from happy to screaming bloody murder in 2 seconds. Well, that happened and the doctor looked at me like he was so scared.

"What happened? What's wrong?" He asks shakily

"She just wants me to hold her." I said giving him the side-eye

"Oh." He says as he motions me to pick her up. Of course she immediately stops crying.

Ok dude, you're working in a pediatrician's office and you're scared of a baby. Something is wrong here. I don't think he knew what was going on.

I go to my sister's house who of course is the guru of diets and eating healthy. We agree that grain is probably okay to eat and just stay gluten and dairy free because it takes weeks for either to get completely out of the system.

It's been difficult for sure, because I  LOVE food. I LOVE sweets, and especially carbs.

I'm making my sister tell me what to eat till I can get the hang of it, which seems to be getting easier every day. Also, I'm not going back to the crazy pants doctor.

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