Friday, September 7, 2012

Remembering a year ago.

On September 2nd of this year, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It's so crazy to think that only a year has gone by, when we have experienced so much.

We have been married, moved, had a baby, sold a business, started a new one, and finally things seem to be slowing down. I just think back to September 2nd, 2011, our wedding day. I was so happy and relaxed.

I was a go-with-the-flow kind of bride. I didn't really care if something went wrong. I just knew that in a few hours from then, I was going to marry the greatest man I had ever met. I got my make-up and my hair finished and enjoyed my coffee while I talked with my friends. 
Mike and I decided that we would meet at the place of the reception to see each other for the first time. I imagined this grand reveal between us, hoping to get it in a picture. Instead, the sneaky groom heard my voice from the other room and followed it. I remember the look on his face, although you can imagine, I was a little peeved he didn't wait. The annoyance went away seconds later when I noticed he was wearing a brown belt with his black pants and vest.

He even decided to work that day, which as long as he promised to turn off his phone during the ceremony, I was ok with it.

It quickly turned to laughter. I didn't really care at that point. I was just so happy that the day was finally there. We spent so much time taking beautiful pictures, that I love looking at an remembering our special day. Everyone told me. "The day is going to go by so fast! You won't believe how fast it went by." I actually didn't think it went by that fast. I enjoyed myself. We had a lot of down time before the wedding.
When the time finally came, all I can remember from the ceremony is his face.

 Everything else was a complete blur until the reception. I loved talking with our family members and seeing old friends that I haven't seen in so long, but again, all I really think about and remember is this.
A year ago seems so long ago. So much has changed in 366 (Counting a Leap Year) days. "Only 60 more years to go babe!" We often joke to each other. I look at him now, even more in love with him then that day 366 days ago, even more in love with him now and the wonderful daughter that has been created out of that love, and I can't imagine my life any other way.

Happy Anniversary, M.

Love J.