Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 months

I can't believe that MY little Em is 5 months. Really? My little girl is 5 months already? My heart is so happy when thinking about this. She's growing and discovering new things every day. She loves her feet, hands, and anything that she can reach and chew on.

Lately she has been discovering more and more consonants and sounds. Lots of "mom moms", "Daaaaas", "Babababa" and my favorite is her high pitched squeal, "EEEEEEHHHHEEEEE!"

Our little girl is just so full of life and is the sweetest little thing in the whole world. Her smile could make a mean old man go weak at his knees. And she loves to get kisses, and now recently loves to give them to me too.

She is still so attached me to. She rarely wants to leave my side. However, lately she has been wanting her dad. Let the Heavens sing, because this momma is exhausted.

M has begun to love this new stage of wanting Dad. He often takes her in the morning for me and I can hear cooing and giggling from the both of them from the living room. He takes her so I can sleep an extra 45 minutes or so, but sometimes I stay up just listen to him sing and talk to her.

My favorite things she does right now: Reaching to me with both arms when she wants me. Giving me kisses.

Things I'm beginning to miss: Cuddling for long periods of time. She loves to lay and snuggle in bed before she sleeps, but hates sitting upright in a chair with either of us. She is a little lady who knows what she wants

Happy 5 months my sweet little Em.

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