Monday, November 12, 2012

Remembering Faith

M and I feel like we have barely sat still since March of 2011. We met, got engaged, married, pregnant, and moved all within 365 days of knowing each other. Now this year in 2012, we've been adjusting to life with a baby and starting a brand new business. I made a comment the other day that we just couldn't be still, we had to keep doing something.

Starting a new business is so scary. I can only imagine how tough it is for M, now the he has a family to support. Will we be able to make enough money to keep a roof over our heads? Food on the table? Clothes on our backs? We've spent the last few months talking and relying on each other for support during this time. But recently, we've realized that we've been doing things all wrong.

God answered our prayers, when we were wondering whether or not to sell M's previous business. He has provided for us during this time where we have no income. Still, we aren't relying on him now, in our time of worry.

I caught a glimpse of this on my Christmas tree. (Yes, my Christmas tree is up and has been for about a week.)

Hm. Faith. Something I need more of, we need more of. Maybe it's time we start having a little bit more faith in God.

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