Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm 24 this year. This birthday feels so different than any others. It could be because I'm a mom now, or I'm just getting older.

M asked me what I wanted this year for my birthday and I told him, "I want to sleep in all morning in Hawaii." Obviously, I didn't get that. But! I think life here in small town, Illinois isn't so bad.

I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, reminiscing of birthdays before, and I'm looking at pictures of my childhood, teenage years, and college years. Some pictures I laugh and some I cringe at. I'm looking at a young little girl posing in a birthday crown, having fun with her girlfriends, and dancing the night away in college. No, this birthday isn't like any other birthday.

There are no crowns this year, no keg stands, or birthday games, but I get something better than I've ever had.

I get to celebrate this birthday with not only my husband, but a sweet little girl, who's whole world revolves around mommy snuggles, cookie monster, and picture books.

My life is so different, and I'm so thankful that the little girl pictured above turned into this woman:

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