Thursday, February 21, 2013

9 months

She's 9 months. My heart is so happy at the little person she is becoming. We have difficult times, but she is so sweet natured and learning to do so many new things. She started crawling a week ago, and that has been the best thing in the world. She feels confident enough to play with herself and is learning that she can follow me to the other room without crying. (we are still working on that one.)

She is discovering how to play independently. It's about time, because I can only read "Mr. Brown can Moo." 15 times during the day before I go crazy. I enjoy watching her play, while getting some time to myself.

This month was her first Valentine's Day. She got a special mommy and daddy date. M and I are planning on him taking her out every year. We want her to know that she's special and that she should be treated like that by the man in her life, who will one day be her husband.

We love you E. You have a beautiful heart already. You are so funny and sweet. I pray that you stay that way forever. You are so special.
Love, Mommy

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