Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mission Impossible

I tip-toe across the hallway into our bedroom. For the last few weeks, we have been letting Emasourus nap in our bed when she is past the point of no return. I hold my breath as I crack open the door, hoping to spot a shirt, a pair of jeans, and socks. She twitches. I duck down to the ground.

I can hear a little whine coming from the bed, but I'm too nervous to look up. It took us 30 minutes to wrestle Emasourus down and if she wakes up, it will be an extra long day for all of us.

I spot where everything I need is. I'm still on the floor as I strategically plan how to get all of these items out of the bedroom so I can get dressed.

I grab the shirt, then I find my socks. Oh no. I spot the jeans. Hold on. There is a belt on the jeans. A very noisey, clinky belt. I hear movement.

I duck even further to the ground, so I am truly out of sight. I take a deep breath, and slowly arm crawl to the jeans. I grab them and hold on tight to the buckle of the belt so it doesn't make noise. I back away (crawling) slowly out of the room and manage to close the door behind me.

I silently cheer, and congratulate myself on making it out of there without waking her up. OH NO. I feel a tingle in my nose.

Before I can even move I sneeze, "ACHOO!"


Mission failed.

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