Saturday, February 9, 2013

New year, new look

For the past few months I've been bugging M to update the way my blog looks. After the month long illness of 2013, M finally got to me on his busy list, and now I have a cute header. Thanks M!

We've been battling The Great Sucky Sickness of 2013. We have caught everything under the sun it seems like since December. It all started with Mastitis, then food poisoning, then a stomach bugs, then the flu, an upper respiratory infection, a double ear infection, and then another stomach bug. Can you say, "Holy weak immune systems!" Then these last few days, we have felt "normal". We are praising God that E has not caught anything besides a little sniffle here and there.

She has been a trooper I must say. It's not fun having two sick parents bound to their bed. M and I took turns a few hours at a time trying to entertain her, but mostly it was me because well, M can't really lactate. I'm so thankful we are better and I'm waiting for Spring to get here. I think our bodies need a good dose of good old Vitamin D, in sunlight form.

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