Thursday, March 14, 2013

Double digits

I had kept telling M that I missed E's newborn stage. I just loved the snuggles, the naps, the ability to put her down without her moving, and being able to go to the bathroom without her crying when I leave the room. I would say that is my favorite stage, especially compared to the 3-8 month stage, when she couldn't really move around and noticed when I wasn't in the room.

Now, as E is almost 10 months old (Double digits now!!), I'm learning to enjoy this new stage of her little brand new life. She crawls, she climbs, she walks behind things, AND wait for it.. she can play by herself for 15 minutes. I kid you not, she can sit down with toys and play by herself and I get to half my FULL CUP of morning coffee! Insanity right?

I've always taken her out to stores and such, but this time it's fun. She babbles on and on while we talk about different things in the grocery store. I say banana she says, "bababa." then gives a silly smile, because she is starting to get it.

I may not be getting much sleep still, but I'm loving the affection she shows me. I get giant hugs now, slobbery wet kisses, and I just can't get enough. She is showing her personality more everyday.

She is sweet, strong-willed, happy, ambitious, loving, & what can I say, a full on momma's girl.

I think the newborn stage might have some competition.

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