Friday, March 15, 2013

WLC week 1

It's been about 2 weeks and a half since I started working out faithfully. I've had a couple bumps here and there, and there have been days where I didn't want to work out, but I forced myself and I'm glad in did. I think eating healthy has been the hardest part for me. When I lost weight before I was living with my sister, and that was a huge diet change from fast food all the time to organic home cooked meals. Now living in my own home, it's not fast food every night, but it's not organic either. We only eat out on the weekends now, and all my meals are made from scratch but they aren't exactly organic like I want them to be.

Eating organic is hard, especially in the winter. Springs almost here and I'm so ready for the Farmers. market to open. Also, we are on a tight budget. There are some things I won't compromise on though like eggs and vegetables that Emery eats.

I've been doing 3 different workouts to try and find which one will work best for me. I've been running on the treadmill, doing my Zumba choreograph, and yesterday I tried Yoga. I have to say, I felt the greatest after doing Yoga. I'm not completely sold on it, but I'm going to try it every day for a week to see in ow I feel after that.

So far, I haven't lost any weight, but I have lost a total of 1.25 inches. For two weeks I don't think it's that bad either!

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