Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The man that still makes me weak at the knees

It's hard to believe that it has only two short years ago on March 22nd, my life would literally change forever. I didn't know that going on a date with a guy I met online would result in getting married and having our daughter. It feels like it's been ages, but it's only been 2 short years. Our "whirlwind romance" was literally a whirlwind. I blinked and before I knew it, I was engaged, then married, then pregnant, then we moved, then we sold a business, M started a new business, and now he's back in school. How have we even had time to breath?

Even though it wasn't that long ago, I love looking back at pictures and talking about what was going through each other's minds when we first met.

M said he knew I was "The One" after our first date, when he felt God really wanted him to pray with me. We sat on his couch praying and asking God to bless this relationship, if this was where he wanted us at. Mine took a little more time. I knew on his birthday a couple weeks late, when we were describing what we wanted in a partner.I remember telling him that I wanted to strive to be like the woman in Proverbs 31. He smiled super big, and my heart turned into a pile of mush. A month later I had a rock on my hand and we were planning a wedding. 4 months after that we became husband and wife, and very soon after that, we found out we were expecting E. 

I'm so blessed to have ended up with such an amazing man. 

It's truly amazing how far we have come.

                 (March 2011)                                                          (April 2011)

(Easter 2011)
(May 2011)

(May 2011) 
(September 2011)
(September 2012)

(December 2012)

(Feb. 2013)

 Here's to us. Here's to being still mushy and gushy in love.

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