Monday, April 8, 2013

Rashes Smashes

E had a rash show up a couple days ago. I panicked and started melting down, crying. After 10 minutes of frustration, I decided to Google "viral rashes". The first picture showed up of a child with Roseola. I researched more, and asked my trusted group of mommies on my message board, and I was so relieved to realize, that's exactly what she had. She still has the rash now, but just to know it's not anything I've done, is a huge relief!

So why am I so uptight and stressed about rashes?

It has been such a struggle getting her food sensitivities under control. 3 doctors, medications, diet eliminations, and supplements later. Her rashes are gone and she's happy and doesn't itch herself crazy anymore.

At about 3 months, E started getting red spots on her back. The spots on her back spread to her stomach, then a red spot stretching from one side of her upper chest to the other. 

My initial reaction was to start pulling things from my diet because I breastfeed. I automatically went gluten free. 3 weeks later the spots were still there. I decided to go to a pediatric dermatologist. The dermatologist was a really big disappointment. She rushed, looked at E for 2 minutes, said it was eczema, prescribed a steroid cream, and walked out. I managed to ask her about food sensitivities and she completely shot that down, saying there has never been any evidence of food sensitivities causing eczema. Okay, what planet is this lady from? After some discussion and another incident in the office, M and I decided to take another path and just try diet elimination. We didn't feel comfortable putting steroid cream on her entire body.

The rashes were still there, and it began to over take every thought in my head. What am I doing wrong? Dairy. I'll try eliminating dairy. Nothing. The rash on her chest was getting worse and she would scratch at it so much, it would keep her up all night.

After a trip to the Pediatrician and a few months later, I was just burnt out. My sister then recommended I take her to her doctor she had been seeing who specializes in bio-energetic medicine. Yeah, I side-eyed that at first too.

I gave in. Anything to try and relieve my poor girl of the itching and the redness. 

I walked in to Your Healthy Foundations and met with Mary. As I held my 6 month old, she had me place an energy blocker to block my energy and I placed my hand on a scanner. The scanner read E's genetic output and we could literally see her sensitivities.

"Do you eat a lot of rice?" She asked
"Yes, I'm gluten free." I replied.
"It looks like she has a sensitivity to certain rices."
I probably looked like my eyes were about to bulge out of my head.
"Yes, it doesn't look like she has a sensitivity to gluten, but she does with Rye." Mary said.

The list went on and on. I couldn't believe the stuff she was reading off. Things that I thought were helping her, weren't.

3 hours later, we had a complete list. She gave me a list of supplements to help E's body work with the foods that were sensitive to her. The list was foods I should avoid, a list for foods I could eat with a digestive enzyme, and a list of positive foods her body loved. I was so surprised at how specific the list was. Cheddar cheese is fine, but E struggles with Feta. It's mind boggling.

M however, wasn't convinced. I decided to follow the list and supplement plan to the T. 3 weeks later, the rashes were starting to go away. Now, 4 months later, my daughter's skin isn't 100% perfect, but her rashes are entirely gone.

She still has sensitivities, but we are working on those. She is able to eat almost anything now. We still struggle with spinach, butter, and skim milk. We just try and stay away from those.

Truly it was a answer to prayer. I was so frustrated, and just gave it to God, and he provided a way.

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