Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I took a unexpected hiatus these last 4 weeks as I'm sure you can tell. We have been a little caught up with the process of buying a house, M starting a new job, and preparing for yet another change in our life, with another move.

We found our house about a month ago. We had an ideal town that we wanted to be in, but honestly, it was way out of our price range. We realized that we wanted to stay closer to the city rather than head to the country like we wanted to originally. We may eventually go that route, but not any time soon.

We saw this house on a whim and didn't think that would take anything in our price range, but luckily they did, and it's ours!

It's definitely a fixer upper. The owners before us neglected quite a few things, so now it's up to us to do repairs and make it livable. It's not as big as we wanted, but as many know, you have to sacrifice land/space in order to be in the location you want. So now, with remodeling and moving, we now have major organization hurdles to go through so I don't feel like I'm living in a disaster zone.

These are just a few pictures from the front half of the house. It's a half duplex. I wish I would have took a picture from the outside but I was raining. It needs new floors, paint, a lot of patching, caulking, and we need to do a lot to the kitchen. The little stuff adds up, but be are so excited.

Our goal is to be at least living in our new home by Thanksgiving. We may not be done with it, but we would like to be out of our apartment by then.

Be patient with us as we put a lot of our time and effort into making sure our home is ready for us. Missed texts and calls will happen often, but we know that the end result will be with us soon.

Until my next post, here are some super cute pictures. 

With love,


  1. We are so excited and happy for you! Good luck and have fun remodelling.mnow you can put your personal stamp on your new home! Hugs!

  2. Those pictures are so adorable!