Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First trimester down, 2 more to go.

Now that I'm past the first trimester, I feel pretty good.

I'm still tired all the time. I've been trying to get out of my habit of a daily nap, because it's starting to affect my sleep at night.

Speaking of, E is finally sleeping through the night. She may get up before 6am, but after 2 years of her waking up 4+ times a night, I can happily say that I'll take it!

It came at a really good time too. The first few weeks of pregnancy were so awful I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever sleep normally ever again.

So now I'm about 12ish weeks. My midwives and I have different dates. I believe mine is more acurate, so I go off of mine most of the time. (It's only a 5 day difference between them)

This one will be another home birth. I had such an amazing experience last time, that I can't picture myself doing it any other way. We were happy to choose an excellent midwife group that isn't too far from us.

Baby Hulk as we have so lovingly named it, if the size of a plum. So far I'm feeling that this one might be another girl. Mike of course thinks it's a boy, and good news is that one of us will be right! If you ask E though, she will tell her it's a girl and she wants a sister.

This pregnancy is very different from the last. I am feeling much better and am able to enjoy this part of the process more. My nausea was more severe but less frequent than my last. This made me lose some weight which I can't say I'm unhappy about because last time I had gained 15 pounds with E in my first trimester. I would really like to not gain 40 pounds this time.

This one has been a breeze and I hope it continues to stay that way. I'm interested to see how it goes being pregnant in the summer, especially Texas heat. As someone who is hot all the time, I don't see myself enjoying the outdoors very much this summer.

I wanted to be better about taking pictures this pregnancy. Things were so hectic last time (when are things not hectic in V household?) that I regret not doing weekly pregnancy pictures. So here it is Baby Hulk at 12 weeks. Yes, there is only one baby. Yes, you tend to show sooner during the second pregnancy, and No, I promise there is only one. ;) And yes, I might have just rolled out of bed during a nap to take this.


  1. You look terrific! God bless you and keep you healthy! I think youbwill have a boy this time...just a feeling!