Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nothing can replace a Venus razor, unless it's $19.00

For a while now I have been a part of Influenster . They send me really neat products for free in exchange for reviews. It's been a really neat way for me to try new products and to get kind of spoiled. I haven't blogged about them before because I didn't see myself as that type of person but I figure hey, that's why they are giving me this stuff right? So I regret not sharing about the previous products I've received but I promise I'll share the goodies now.

The latest product I was given was The Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace razor. I was actually really excited for this because 1. I needed new razors anyways and I didn't want to go to Target to get them (the lazy reason for sure) and 2. I really missed buying Venus razors. You know the store brand ones just don't cut it sometimes.

I opened my box and saw my cute little razor with the adorable travel case. I saw that this razor had 5 blades! Whoa, there, we're getting fancy!

The good: I loved how small and compact it was. It could easily go in a purse, bag, or small suitcase and wouldn't take up much room. The case makes it nice so it doesn't get dirty. I actually found that the handle was easier to hold than the regular handle and I continued it for every day use. Also, it looks cute. I don't know if you ever thought that a razor would look cute, but it does. My first use was amazing. I felt like the women on the commercials. My legs were probably the smoothest they have ever been and at that moment I really wanted to spring for the expensive Venus razor again.

The bad: Okay, here is where I turn into Debbie Downer. The moisturizing border that's around the razor is really annoying. It is so bulky that I was missing spots left and right. Also, by the 3rd day, the same moisturizing border was sticking to the case and left and awful sticky film to where it was coming off when I would take it out of the case. The razor, started rusting after a week. I wasn't impressed with that. I expect that from my cheap razors, but not a Venus. But still I was willing to forget all of that and buy a refill of the same razor using the coupon that was also sent to me complimentary. I get to Target and see that the Embrace razor refills were almost $19.00. Um what?!Even with the coupon, I would be spending over $15.00 for 4 razor refills. Absolutely not. So instead, I decided to splurge on some regular disposable Venus razors with 3 blades and call it a day. (I actually liked those better.)

Overall: I think it's a cute product. I don't think it's practical, I probably would never buy it. It did however, make me miss a better quality of a razor and good old Gillette convinced me to spring for their brand over the store brand. So I say that won that battle.

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