Wednesday, June 4, 2014

That time my baby turned two

Ugh. She's two.

I wasn't dreading it, in fact I was so excited about her being a little girl. I've always looked forward to her milestones and growing up. I enjoy it.

But there was something about that sweet face this year.

It reminded me that at one point she looked like this...

and this, a brand new babe in her daddy's arms...

Sitting in a highchair was a big deal

So were dates with mommy.

And her giving me kisses was something new...

And that time that she looked like the cutest little baby and I thought she looked grown up...

Because now, she's this little girl... making "pancakes"

and when I can't find her, she's in here...

And then, just like that, she turned into a little girl. 

Who dressed herself in winter boots when it's 85 out and refuses to let me do her hair...

But most of all. She's my girl.

I love you E and I love watching you grow.


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